St. Mary's Academy


When children join us they cover the six areas of learning. These are:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

A. Value/Moral/Religious Education

As a staff we believe that children, whatever their background, ability or religious persuasion, will find themselves able to benefit from the experience of Value/Moral/Religious Education. V/M/RE must be relevant to the needs of our pupils as members of a multi-cultural society. This means providing opportunities for pupils to understand the motivation of others. We believe that V/M/RE encourages a reflective approach to living, knowledge and understanding of religious beliefs and practices and a development of personal skills in forming reasoned opinions, based on evidence and argument. Value/Moral/Religious Education makes a strong contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils. Children will also be given the opportunity to learn about and appreciate other religions, their differences and similarities.

Each school day features an assembly for religious worship, within broadly based Christian practice. Within Religious Education lessons teaching takes account of the church calendar, well known stories from the Bible and the study of a variety of different faiths and cultures including Hinduism and Islam.

B. English

We aim to teach our children to use language as effectively as they can in a wide variety of situations, as laid down in the National Curriculum and the National Literacy Strategy. They will be introduced to many types of literature including fiction, non fiction and poetry and will be encouraged to read widely. Our aim is that all our pupils will be able to:

Read and write with confidence, fluency and understanding
Be able to use and apply a range of reading skills to monitor their reading and correct their own mistakes
Understand and use their knowledge of phonics and spelling to read and spell accurately
Have fluent and legible handwriting; Have an interest in words and their meanings and develop a growing vocabulary
Know, understand and be able to write in a range of genres in fiction, poetry and understand and be familiar with some of the ways in which narratives are structured through ideas such as setting character and plot
Understand, use and write a range of non fiction texts. Plan, draft and revise their own writing
Have access to suitable technical vocabulary through which to understand and discuss their reading and writing; Be interested in books, read with enjoyment and evaluate and justify their preferences
Through reading and writing, develop their power of inventiveness and critical awareness.

C. Information and Communication Technology

We are proud of the ICT facilities we have at St. Mary's Academy. All classes have access to computer. Access to the internet is carefully monitored to ensure that children are protected from inappropriate material. We have a school web-site which is up-dated regularly. We teach ICT as a discrete subject as well as encourage our children to use and develop their ICT skills across all other subjects. Our aim is to provide children with the skill to live in the 21st century and we are constantly updating our facilities to ensure our children have access to the best. Every Year we organise computer symposium to provide a great platform to our students to show their computer skills.