-: Our Vision :-

We aim to be a sound, sensible and sensitive school community, imbibing and sharing common values and morals for the creation of a genuine human being. We believe , a well-balanced human being needs to be knowledgeable, dignified, independent, caring, trustworthy, and in possession of a positive attitude to life. We belive, a good teacher is a friend, philosopher, guide and above all, one who walks his/her talk.

A good citizen is an asset to the nation and to the society, with true patriotic feelings and concern for his/her contrymen. 

Recognizing the enormous responsibility and expectation, we earnestly endevour to inculcate in every 'Marian', besides academic excellence, sensitivity towards others, respect, patriotism, appreciation of the dignity of labour, orientation for service, concern for environment and above all softness towards the under previleged.