St. Mary's Academy

Tagore House

" I do not know anyone who has gotten to the top without hard work."

With its motto, "Marching Towards Perfection", To.gore House sailed past all obstacles to make its way to progress, under the guidance of our house master, Mr. Sayed B Karim, and our house mistress, Mrs. Mahima Masih. Also the indomitable spirit of our Captain, Shaurya Pratap Chauhan, assisted by the Vice-Captain, Kriti Vats proved to be a boon to the house's achievements.

The very beginning of the academic year 2018-19 was marked by the announcement made by the voluble comparers at the first ever held Inter House Cultural Fest at St. Mary's Academy."And the winner's trophy goes to none other than To.gore House", The sheer hard work and unbeatable dedication of our Cultural Prefect, Aryan Anand along with all the other participants lead to the victory of the house in this amazing event.

The house was no way behind in the sports arena. Manab S. Boro of the Sub-Juniors' category won gold medals in 100m, 200m, 80m long jump, sack race and relay race. He emerged as the receiver of the Championship trophy as well. Tejas Singh emerged as the Fastest Cyclist in Open 4000m race. The title of the Best Athlete in the Inters division was bagged by Mohak Mittal, who won gold medals in 100m race, 200m race and a bronze in 11 Om hurdles race and long jump.

A special thanks to the house teachers, athletes, and students for their immense contribution, which helped the house in exemplifying its brilliance in arts as well. Bulletin Boards decorated by students of To.gore house were also appreciated.